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It is necessary in any organisation to ensure that warranties are managed correctly and effectively to ensure optimal use of objects and associated support which is linked to it. This will ensure that unnecessary funds are not spent on items which are still under warranty, from the Vendor/Supplier, and must be supported / maintained by them. The Warranty function is used to Manage Warranties for a specific object type and individual object pertaining to the maintenance/upkeep thereof. Warranties can originate from a number of business processes but mostly from the maintenance and repair environment. Recording and managing a warranty successfully, within the working environment, ensures the necessary support and optimal use of associated objects.

Warranty Management focuses on the effective creation and management of warranties for OEMs, suppliers, distributors and service providers to either internal or external clients. In short, the module manages product and service warranties for product manufactures, product buyers, service providers and service consumers. Warranty Management offers functionality for warranty creation, warranty claim registration, monitoring while helping ensure customer satisfaction.

Key functions of Warranty Management include:

  • Supporting product and service warranties
  • Creating generic warranty definitions for products and services
  • Providing manual and automatic warranty triggers to initiate warranty claims
  • Allowing integrated process work flows to manage claims

Tasks that use this form

Create warranty definition and warranty objects

Maintain the warranty objects

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form:


Control name



Create a new warranty definition.


Delete a warranty definition record.


Setup and maintaining of the actual structure and detail of warranty objects for each warranty definition.


Field name

Field description

Warranty Code

Enter the Warranty Code or number uniquely identifying the warranty.


Give a short detailed description of the warranty.

Warranty Type

The warranty type defines if the warranty is for a Supplier/Vendor or Customer.