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This function allows for the adding specific information against the warranty claim, as supplied by a supplier, for specific Equipment Types and Equipment.

Tasks that use this form

Create new specific

Add/Remove warranty specific age

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form:

Warranty register specific actions

Action Button



Create a new warranty register specific record.


Delete the selected warranty register specific.

Record Status

The function is used to change current status of the Record.


This function is used to create an execution order from the warranty register specific.

Detail View

This detail is displayed only in the DETAIL view of the form.

Fast Tabs



Warranty specific age

This tab is used to add/remove the warranty validity period or meters for the selected warranty. Multi meters and one calendar period may be defined.


This tab displays the sorting information on the warranty register specific.

System info

This tab displays the status information on the warranty register specific.




Warranty register ID

This field is a unique code generated by the system when a new record is created to identify a warranty claim.

Specific ID

Select the applicable specific id from the lookup. Only objects of the selected object type are available for selection. This field defines a unique identifier for the specific object that this claim was registered for

Structure code

This field displays the Position (Structure Code) of the object and defines where on the structure this warranty was claimed for. This field are populated from the object baseline, and may never be added, changed or deleted manually, only by process.


Description will default from the warranty information for the selected warranty register ID.

Warranty specific age


This field is the type of unit of measure (UOM), select from the available drop down list. Available values are METER, CALENDAR, and QUANTITY.

UOM code

Use the lookup button to select the UOM Code. The lookup will display only calendar type data and only data set up as ageing meters for the selected object type.

Current meter

Enter the current meter value when the warranty was registered.

Current date

Enter the date that the last meter was taken.


Sort field1

Select the sorting order for the specific record.

Sort field2

Select the sorting order for the specific record.

Sort field3

Select the sorting order for the specific record.

System info

Record status

Identifies in what status the record is. Change the status from the Status button.