Use this form to create and maintain warranty templates for an object.

Create a warranty definition

1.      Click Warranty definition from the Setup menu.

2.      The following is an example for Warranty definition form view.


3.      Click New button to create a new warranty definition record.

4.      Add Warranty code that defines a specific warranty.

5.      Add Description to define the warranty in more detail.

6.      Select Warranty type to link the warranty to a supplier/customer/internal.

7.      Save the record by pressing CTRL+S.

8.      Click on the Objects menu button. This form is use for setup and maintaining of the actual structure and detail of warranty objects for each warranty definition.

9.      The following is an example for Warranty object form view.


  1. Click on Warranty Object new to create a warranty object for the warranty definition.
  2. Select Object code and Structure code to link the warranty definition.
  3. Select Currency code that will define the value for the warranty. (The company currency code will default in from the setup detail). The currency code can be changed for the warranty value.
  4. Add the Warranty value for this selected warranty.
  5. Select Event code for a maintenance planned event. When this object is used with the maintenance event in a work order, then a check will be done for any valid warranties against this object and specifics.
  6. Add the warranty meters to define the validation conditions for the warranty. (For example: if the warranty is an OEM warranty for a new vehicle, it is valid for   100 000 kilometers or 4 years.

16.  Save the record by pressing CTRL+S.

  1. To link a specific to the warranty object, click on Specific menu button.