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Warranty management: Warranty Management focuses on the effective creation and management of warranties for OEMs, suppliers, distributors and service providers to either internal or external clients. In short, the module manages product and service warranties for product manufactures, product buyers, service providers and service consumers. Warranty Management offers functionality for warranty creation, warranty claim registration, monitoring while helping ensure customer satisfaction.

Key features of warranty management includes:

  • Supporting product and service warranties;
  • Creating generic warranty definitions for products and services;
  • Providing manual and automatic warranty triggers to initiate warranty claims;
  • Allowing integrated process work flows to manage claims.

This function will display all warranty claims for the selected object/equipment item. Warranty claim records are created when a work order is created and a warranty is still in effect. This tab displays all uncompleted warranty claim records.


List pages can help reduce the time that it takes to complete some daily tasks in Microsoft Dynamics AX. You can use list pages to view a list of similar records, select a record, and then perform actions against that record. There are two types of list pages: primary and secondary. Primary list pages display a set of records, and secondary list pages display a subset of those records. You must have security access to a primary list page to view the secondary list pages that are based on it.

When the Warranty Claim Register is opened from the common (menu) or the area page, it will open the form as a primary list page. From this view you can select a warranty claim record and click on EDIT to open the detail or grid view to perform actions against the selected record. List pages display multiple records as a list, or a series of rows and columns. You can sort the data in the list and use filters to display subsets of the list items. You can also click links to display specific records, if records are available.

Select multiple rows in a list by using check boxes to filter the on specific records. Filter the information in a list by using a quick filter or an advanced filter. Save an advanced filter as a Cue on a Role Centre page.

Tasks that use this form

Edit warranty claim

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form:

Warranty claim Action Pane

Control name



Edit warranty claim record.


Delete warranty claim record.


Refresh the page

Export to Microsoft Excel

The function is used to export selected data to Microsoft Excel


This button is a document handling function

Note : Find (Filter on Warranty register ID)

The filter function can be used to find specific contract record through pre-defined criteria.

Fields (List Page view)

Field name

Field description

Warranty register ID

This field is a unique code generated by the system when a new record is created to identify a warranty claim.

Warranty code

The field defines the number uniquely identifying the warranty. Select from the lookup tab the correct warranty code for the claim.


Short description of the warranty code. Will automatically be added from the warranty information.

Warranty claim type

This field defines the registered warranty as a Claim or a Call back. In the event of a call back, the user will have to select a call back event code and description against the warranty type.

Specific ID

Select the applicable specific id from the lookup. Only objects of the selected object type are available for selection.

Structure code

This field displays the Position (Structure Code) of the object. This field are populated from the object baseline, and my never be added, changed or deleted manually, only by process.

Event code

If the warranty object type is of type Event, select the event code from the lookup list for the object.


Short description of the event code. Will automatically be added from the event information.


This field defines the date that the warranty was registered.

Warranty status

Shows the current status of each warranty claim/call back that was registered. The status can be changed with the Status function. The warranty statuses should be setup in the status table, and can be for example be of the following phases/status: Active, Draft, In progress or Cancelled. When the warranty status is changed the following will occur:

  • Approved status : A dialogue box will pop-up and require certain actions before the status will be changed to "approved".
  • In progress status : A information dialogue box will pop-up with the detail of the work order that was created for the warranty claim and the status will be changed to "in progress".

Fields (Preview Pane)

Field name

Field description


This field defines the organisation responsible for the warranty claim.

Organisation structure code

This field defines the structure code for the responsible organisation.

Created by

This field defines the detail of the person who created the warranty claim.

Currency code

This field defines the currency for the claim amount.

Estimated cost

This field defines the estimated cost for the warranty claim.

Reference number

The defines the unique number containing the supplier/customer warranty reference number.

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