Use this to run the contract postings process for the billing process of contracts.

Contract Posting is the process to create the financial transactions for a sales order or project management, if project integration is used. Contract postings can be run for a batch of contracts or a single contract.

CONTRACTS - Before the billings are run, any feedback needs to be done, before the contract posting process has to be done for the billing periods. If the contract posting is completed for the billing period, the Invoices has to be generated from the project invoicing. The system will automatically run the financial transactions to create the journals for the invoicing process. The posted journals will be in Projects (if project integration is ON) or in Sales Orders. Select under Execution Register or Contract Register “Enquiries” button “Financial transactions” and the user will find the posted journals. The posted journals will be in the customer project. The accounting department can now make the decision to generate the Invoice for the customer. The following is the process for generating an invoice in Projects.

How to do contract postings

Click in Strategic Asset Management > Periodic > Contract Postings

1.      The following is an example for running the contract posting process.


  1. Select the Start and End date for the billing period.
  2. When the posting is run for a customer, select the customer name. If only customer name is selected, the postings will be done for all the contracts within the billing period for the selected customer. (Customer can consist of more than one contract.)
  3. By selecting the Customer contract field, all contract specifics within the selected customer contract for the billing period will be posted. (Customer contract can consist of more than one contract specific.)
  4. Select the contract specific number when the posting is done for a specific contract.
  5. If any of the contract lines have the In Advance indicator on, then the indicator should be selected on the postings, to post only the In advance lines for the selected period.
  6. Once the selected criteria for posting are completed, press OK to run the posting process.

8.      When posting is completed, a contract posting journal will be created.


9.      In the Contract planning > Enquiries > Financial transactions the journal transactions should be visible.


10.  On the contract line the next journal dates will be updated, once off billing will clear the next journal date, cycle billing will update the next journal date to next cycling date. Last journal date will be updated with previous next journal date.