The main purpose of this function is to provide feedback on contracts in progress. Feedback can be done on all resources (contract specific lines) linked to the contract. This includes:

  • Hours used per individual person (for example: Contractor, Tradesman/Technician)
  • Hours used per individual Special Tools/Equipment
  • Monthly revenue per item/resource as quoted
  • Monthly usage per item/resource (for example: e-toll charges)

How to do contract line feedback

Click in Strategic Asset Management > Common > Contract Planning

1.      Search for the contract ID in the List Page to find the contract to add the line feedback. The following is an example of the contract line that was created in the contract, on which feedback has to be committed.


  1. Change the contract line form to the grid view format.
  2. Select the resource line for adding feedback. Click in the Feedback value and/or the Sales price (if the sales value is a variable that changes, for example monthly e-toll costs) field and add the value for the resource usage.

4.      Click on the Commit Feedback action button to commit the feedback to the contract. Once the feedback value was added and committed, the Journal value will be updated with value feedback value.


  1. Once all the feedback on resource lines are completed, press CLOSE on the contract form and run the posting process.