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This form is used to create and maintain permits that are linked to a specific asset. It may be required to have a permit or certificate to be able to use the specific asset to perform a specific task.


If for instance, a vehicle must be certified to transport specific material, then a certificate may be required from the authorities to qualify the vehicle for that specific type of use. When the certificate is obtained and registered it must be linked to the specific vehicle.

Tasks that use this form

Create/delete Specific Permit

Navigating the form

To create a new record press CTRL+N or the new button. The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form:


Control Name



Create a new permit record for the specific.


Delete a permit record.


Field name

Field description

Permit Register

This fields defines the permit/license/certificate from the permit register linked to the specific asset.

Permit code

This field is a unique identifying code for a specific type of permit. Select one of the pre-defined permits values from the lookup list.

Permit Description

This field is a short description of the permit.

Date issued

This field is the date when the permit/certificate was created or issued.