Click in Strategic Asset Management > Periodic > SLA Contract postings

Use this to run the SLA contract billing process. SLA Contract Posting is the process to create the financial transactions for a sales order or project management, if project integration is used. SLA Contract postings can be run for a batch of SLA contracts or a single SLA contract.

Process of SLA Contract Postings

1.      The following is an example for running the SLA Contract posting process.


2.      Switch to the General tab on the SLA Contract postings form if the posting is run for a single contract. Click “Batch” if the postings are run for a batch of contracts.

Select the Start date field to a date before 1st Payment date (journal start date) for the starting of the billing period.

  1. Select the End date field to a date after 1st Payment date (journal end date) for the end of the billing period.

4.      Enter/Select any or a combination of the following fields to select a specific contract. If a combination of fields are selected, ensure that it is a valid combination: –

    • Vendor (The Vendor for who you want to do the Posting)
    • Vendor contract
    • SLA Contract Specific
    • SLA Contract Organisation
    • Structure code
    • Internal accounting organisation
    • Structure code
  1. Tick the In advance indicator if there is one or more of the Lines that needs to be paid “In Advance”.
  2. Tick the Mandatory Feedback if there is on any of the lines mandatory feedback and to ensure that it is completed.
  3. Click the OK button to run the process.
  4. When the posting process is completed successfully a message with the Sales Order number or the Project number (Project integration on) will pop-up in an info log box. And then click on the Close button