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Use this form to manage the risk characteristics on the risks that are in the mitigate process.

Tasks that use this form

Create/delete Risk characteristics

Characteristic history

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form:




This is used to create/add new risk characteristic to risk.


This is used to delete risk characteristic.

Risk Characteristic Detail

This following tabs allow for the add/delete of risk characteristics to the selected risk.





This field defines the group and is an unique code that is user definable.

Characteristic code

The field is used to identify the characteristic. The characteristic type, object type and code uniquely identify the characteristic.


This is a short detail description of what needs to happen with this characteristic.


Budget cost

This field define the budget cost value to do this risk characteristic.

Actual cost

This field define the actual cost value to do this risk characteristic.



This field is the type of unit of measure (UOM), select from the available drop down list. Available values are METER, CALENDAR, and QUANTITY.

UOM code

A definable code uniquely identifying the UOM, for example UOM=QTY: km, ea. or lit.

Currency code

If the characteristic class is specified currency, then only will this field be populated. This field uniquely identifying UOM value that will be stored, for example: Rand, US Dollar or Euro.


This field is the default date value, and is ONLY editable if the characteristic class is date.


This is the default value if the characteristic is of type Indicator. Default indicator is mandatory if the specific indicator has NOT been set and the mandatory indicator HAS been set.


This field is the text/detail, and is NOT editable if the characteristic class is date, numeric or currency.


The field define the quantity value for the characteristic.

Default colour

If the characteristic class is of the value colour, the default colour can be changed to a new colour by selecting from the drop down colour list.