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Use this form to view all the risk actions that are outstanding on the risks that are in the mitigate process.

Tasks that use this form

Add additional information to Risk actions

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form:

Note : Find (Filter on Risk Action status)

The filter function to display all risk actions or only the outstanding risk actions.



Additional Information

This is a free text form do be used to record additional information on the risk actions.


Field name

Field description

Risk ID

This is a unique reference identifier that was created when the risk was registered in the system. This field is the link to risk register and to add/update information on the selected risk action click on the risk ID hyper link.

Risk description

This define the risk in more detail to clarify the risk that was raised.

Date/time reported

Define the date/time that the risk was reported and raised on the system.


This defines the characteristic group that was created for the risk characteristics actions.


This defines the sequence order in which the risk actions will be executed/investigated.

Characteristic code

The field is used to identify the characteristic. The characteristic type, object type and code uniquely identify the characteristic.

Action description

This is a short detail description of what needs to happen with this risk action.

Characteristic class

This defines the characteristic class and determines the behaviour of the fields.


This is the detail of the person responsible for this action.


This is defines the status of the risk actions.

Date/time respond

This is defines the date/time by which the responsible person should respond to this actions.