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Permit management: Through effective permit management, organisations ensure that they are compliant with government and internal governance policies. The Permit Management module enables organisations to manage, monitor, track and report across business functions and departments. This covers permits, licenses and certificates as well as all related business activities related to maintenance, operational, contract and asset compliance.

Key features of permit management includes:

  • Issuing permits, certificates and licenses which are then associated with business roles, employees, assets, and business activities (tasks) such as maintenance, contracts and operations;
  • Validating and tracking of permits, licenses and certificates according to expiry dates;
  • Monitoring of renewals, expiry dates and compliance on an on-going, up-to-date basis;
  • Issuing permits or certificates for the granting of special permissions to perform selected business activities;
  • Enforcing permits through best-practice template configuration.

This function is used to create and allocate permits or certifications to an object, specific, and events. In principle if a Work Order requires a certain certification for an object to enable the latter to work on the bespoke Work Order, this is what is validated against. New permits must also be created via the Permit Register functionality. Within the Permit register a permit is created and a start and end date can be identified for the permit, but the Permit may only be valid on this task until a certain date due to certain regulations. The validity of the permit can be defined for the applicable Service Request registered. Once defined, it can be linked to the Object. A permit has a valid period, which is assigned to it. The allocation to the Object can have an expiry date before the end of the Permit Expiry date. The same Permit can be linked to multiple Objects.

Tasks that use this form

Create/delete permit register record

Create/delete permit allocation

Create/delete permit age record

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form:


Control name



Create a new permit register detail record.


Delete a permit register detail record.

Permit Allocation

The function is used to navigate to, and view the Specific Permits, Execution Permits and Contract Permits associated with the selected permit ID.

Permit Age

The function is used to add the permit ageing criteria for the selected permit ID.

Record Status

The function is used to change permit status and the current status of the Record.


Field name

Field description

Permit code

This field is a unique identifying code for a specific type of permit. Select one of the available values from the drop down list.

Permit ID

Record the unique identifier for the registered permit. This identifier can be supplied by an external organisation.


This field is a short description of the permit being registered.

Reference no

Enter the reference number or code as indicated on the actual document as a future reference for this specific permit.

Date issued

Enter the date on which a permit/certificate/license was created or issued.


This field defines to whom the permit is allocated, i.e. an individual, organisation, customer or supplier.

Expiry date

This field defines the date/time when the allocated permit will expiry.

Expiry meter

This field defines the meter reading when the allocated permit will expiry.

UOM code

This field defines the expiry meter unit of measure. (For example : kilometer, flying hours, etc)

Permit Status

Shows the permit status of the record. The status can be changed with the Change Status function.

Record Status

Shows the current status of the record. The status can be changed with the Change Status function.