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Use this form/process to create and maintain the permits for an object type definable as EQUIPMENT/VEHICLE/AIRCRAFT. Used to generically indicate which permits and certificates must be allocated / available for equipment/vehicle/aircraft. If it is a vehicle one for instance need a certain license to drive this vehicle. This is the generic definition of what is required. The actual permit will by permit number be allocated to a specific asset number.

Tasks that use this form

Create new object permit ageing record

Navigating the form

To create a new record press CTRL+N or the new button. The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form:


Control name



Create a new permit record for an object.


Delete a permit.

Object permit age

Add the object permit ageing parameters.


Field name

Field description

Permit code

This field is a unique identifying code for a specific type of permit. Select one of the pre-defined permits values from the lookup list.


Enter a detail description in to define the permit. (This will defaulted in from the pre-defined permit code description)