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This form is used to define valid Item Numbers and Supplier Part Numbers per Object Type. An Object Type can be associated with multiple Item Numbers, but an Item Number can only ‘belong’ to a single Object Group. Use this form to define the applicable item numbers per Object type. The Item form defines the integration between Equipment management and inventory.

Navigating the form

To create a new record press CTRL+N or the new button. The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form:


Control name



Create a new item record for an object.


Delete an item.


Field name

Field description

Resource Code

Select the resource code from the available list of resources.

Object item type

The field defines if the item is a valid item and the check forces the system to only accept valid part numbers into a structure code or it is also possible to define Bill Of Material (BOM) definitions for an Object Type. It is therefore possible to decompose the Object Type to ‘nuts and bolt’ level should it be required. In general from a maintenance perspective, this level is determined by the level of component replacement.


Add a value indicating the quantity of the specific item for the valid item or the BOM.


The different items may be classified in terms of preference. The indicator is selected to identify a specific part number as the preferred part.