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Use this form/process to create and maintain to define the ageing parameters for the object type. Object structure ageing data is setup for a certain position in the structure. If a source structure is defined the item installed in the selected position will inherit ageing data from the source position. If a source is not defined the item is seen as having its own meter data against which usage feedback is done.

Navigating the form

To create a new record press CTRL+N or the new button. The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form:


Control name



Create a new ageing record for an object.


Delete an ageing record.


Field name

Field description


Define the type of unit of measure, for example meters, calendar or quantity.

UOM Code

Select the UOM for identifying the type of units in which the ageing of the object type will be measured.

Source structure code

Select the structure position from where the specific structure will inherit its ageing meter values. If it is left as 0 it will indicate that the specific position has a local meter and will not inherit the updating from another unit in the structure.

Source UOM code

Select the UOM code from the source object which will be used for meter ageing. It may differ from the UOM code selected.

Source factor

The factor value of child ageing in comparison with the parent (source) ageing e.g. a source factor of 2 entails that the child ages at double the rate of a source item.

Age type

Depending on the setup of Unit of measure codes this field allows for the defining of the ageing type as an absolute value or an incremental value of the selected meter. Absolute Value is selected if a user will reads for instance the value of the odometer of a vehicle, or the value of a physical hour meter on an engine. Incremental Value is selected if the user wants to increment the current meter with for example 10, then the value 10 will be entered in the field that is defined for the incremental value.

Age type

This field defines the period over which an asset (machine, property, computer system, etc) is expected to be usable, with normal repairs and maintenance, for the purpose it was acquired, rented, or leased. Expressed usually in number of years, process cycles, or units produced, it is usually less than the asset's physical life, and is the period over which the asset's depreciation is charged. Also called average life, service life, effective life, mean life, or useful life.