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Use this form to create and maintain margin factor field to be added to the object structure as an indicator to how much each position within a structure will contribute when calculation certain component costing values, for example, strip value. The margin factor is specified as a percentage.

Tasks that use this form

Add Margin Factor percentage

Navigating the form

The following provide descriptions for the fields in this form:


Field name

Field description

Object code

This field defines the object code. (For example vehicle model name will be the code for an object type vehicle to define the specific type of object.)

Structure code

This field is the structure position for the object. The code uniquely identifying the position of the item in the structure and is user definable. A Structure code of “0” is automatically allocated by the system for the top (Highest level) of every object.

Margin Factor

This field defines the factor used to calculate the margin contribution per structure position when calculating component costs.