Click in Strategic Asset Management > Periodic > Fuel transactions

This process is used to run a batch process for all the unprocessed fuel transactions in the fuel staging table.

Process of Fuel transactions

1.      The following is an example for batch process running the Unprocessed fuel transactions in the staging table.


  1. When the third party service provider uploaded fuel transactions to the staging table this batch process will do the processing of all the unprocessed transactions that are valid.
  2. Select the Batch group that the task is attached to.
  3. Tick the Private indicator to indicate that the task can be run only by the user who ordered the process. (Applicable only to client tasks).
  4. Setup the recurrence for this batch process and alerts.
  5. Click the OK button to run the process.
  6. When the posting process is completed successfully a message will pop-up in an info log box. And then click on the Close button