Check the validation error log. This button will generate an error log that can be used to check all the errors generated during the data validation process.

Navigating the form

Fast Tabs




Display event code which has a validation error.


Display error detail for an event code.


Field name

Field description

Error type

This field will distinguishes between the different types errors.


This field displays the severity of the generated error.

Date/time changed

The field displays the actual date/time when the status change occurred on the record.

Forecast ID

Displays the forecast ID for which this error was log.

Specific ID

Displays the specific asset ID that was used in this forecast schedule.

Object code

Displays the object code if an error occurs on object structure.

Structure code

Displays the structure code if an error occurs on object structure.

Event code

Displays the event code if an error occurs on the event template.

UOM code

Displays the UOM code if an error occurs on the UOM table.


Displays the date that is causing the error for the forecasting schedule.


Displays a short description of the error.


Displays a detail description regarding the error that was created.

Table name

Displays the table name on which the status change occurred.