360°Strategic Asset Management > Common > Maintenance management > >Maintenance Register > Execution Specific lines > Enquiries > Execution Incident link

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360°Strategic Asset Management > Common> > Operations management > Operation Register > Execution Specific lines > Enquiries > Execution Incident link

The purpose of this form is to enables you to view all incidents/failures registered against a maintenance/operations work order.

Navigating the form

To create a new record press CTRL+N or the new button. The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form:


Field name

Field description

Execution specific ID

A code or number allocated to uniquely identifying the work order.


Enter the description that defines the work order

Work pack type

This field defines type of execution being performed for the work order. A work order can either be a “maintenance work order” (work order for work to be done on a specific object, for example the servicing of a fork lift) or an “operational work order” (work order for hiring a specific object to do a specific work, for example hire a fork lift to use in the moving of something or moving freight from one location to another location.)

Execution specific status

Shows the current status of the Work Order. The status can be changed with the Status function.

The work order can be in one of the following phases/status: Created/Approved, In Progress/Completed/Financial complete or Cancelled.

Incident ID

This field defines the unique identification reference for the registered incident/failure.

Short description

This defines a short detailed description of what occurred for registering an incident or failure.


This defines a category to identify the incident or failure types.

Incident status

This defines the progress status of the incident or failure.