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Use this form to create and maintain a hierarchy of events by defining the relationship between events. Typically a parent event will be linked to a child event to form the master event template. The relationship between the events can be defined by hierarchy, suppression or triggers.

Hierarchy: Event hierarchies are applicable to a complex scenario where a network of tasks exists, i.e. the remove and install tasks are not performed one after another but a number of tasks are performed between the remove and install.

Suppression: Event Suppressions are defined for a scenario where the occurrence of a maintenance event also includes the occurrence of another planned maintenance event. It therefore contains the same maintenance actions as planned as a separate event and should therefore suppress the contained event.

Triggers: Event triggers are defined for specific maintenance actions where the occurrence of a maintenance event also needs the occurrence of another maintenance event after the first. The creation of such an event on the maintenance plan automatically triggers the other maintenance event to occur as well. It also includes the settings for the triggering of condition based events.


In the event where relationship type is Suppression or Trigger, the record must first be saved before the Event Related Age Button will be activated.

Tasks that use this form

Create/delete new related event

Create/delete new event related age

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form:


Control name



Create a new related event record.


Delete related event record.

Event related age

Use this to define the ageing parameters for the related event.


Field name

Field description

Child event

The lower level event (in succession) in the event hierarchy. Select from the available lookup list the child event.

Object code child

This field is a unique user definable code to identify an object child for the parent relationship. Select from the predefined lookup values of object codes.

Structure code child

Define the position in the structure where the action is to take place. This field will be added from the child event information.

Event relationship

Define the type of relationship between events, by selecting a value from the lookup list, e.g. Hierarchy, suppression or triggers.