This form is used to define the organisation responsible for the maintenance of an object or a part of the structure. The responsible organisation is set up to specify the organisation/workshop responsible for the Execution order after it was transferred from forecast events into an execution order. Use this only in the case where some sections are maintained by different organisations. This value will be the default maintenance organisation for all work orders created for the specific event.

This function is used to register all possible organisations that may perform the specific event. The scheduling process and the event transfer process use this information to determine the most likely maintenance organisation responsible to perform the task.

Create a responsible organisation

1.      Click Responsible organisation from the action pane on Event object form.

2.      The following is an example for responsible organisation form view.


3.      Click New button to create a new responsible organisation record.

4.      Add Type by selecting between Maintenance Plan and Maintenance Execution.

Object code and Structure code will be automatically added from the event table.

5.      Add Organisation by selecting the responsible organisation (Execution warehouse) from the drop down available list of organisations.

Organisation structure will be added by lookup information from the organisation.

6.      Add Preference by selecting a value to indicate if one organisation is preferred. The smallest value is most preferred.

7.      Save the record by pressing CTRL+S and Close the form.