Use this form to create/maintain event actions when the characteristic is of type Execution Action.

Create Event Actions

1.      Click Event object > Setup > Event Actions menu button. This function is optional and will allow users to add actions required to do this job. This may include actions and sequences to describe individual tasks e.g. "01-Drain Oil", "02-Remove Oil filter", "03-Add new filter", "04-Add new oil" etc.

2.      The following is an example for Event Actions form view.


3.      Click New button to create a new event actions record.

4.      The values from the drop down list will be a result of the related Actions that was created in base characteristic actions function. Depending on the Variables that was set up in the Characteristics actions, users may have to add values such as dates, numbers, free text etc.

The Indicators will impact future actions. If Print indicator was selected, the actions will be printed on the work order card, Mandatory will force users to add data, History will be added to history etc.

NOTE: Add multiple Actions where OR if applicable.

5.      Save the record by pressing CTRL+S and Close the Event Actions form.