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The Gantt will only open for scheduled events or work orders that have a single Calendar, which determines the non-work times. All scheduled events, or work orders that have been filtered to display in Forecast Events or Executions are represented in the Gantt. Depending from where the Gantt has been opened, certain functionalities will apply. These will be explained when each of the parts of the Gantt is discussed.

Gantt Form Header Minimize Button:

In the top left hand part of the Gantt Form the Minimize Button is visible, as a small square with a minus sign (-) as a label. When this button is used, the text part of the Gantt Form is hidden, thereby making more of the space on the screen available for the Gantt chart itself.

Group by Group:

The Options in the Group by Group is used to group the various events together based on the option selected. The options available are grouping by:

·  Object

·  Specific

·  Customer Code

·  Status

·  Or Line type

Layer Options:

The options in the layer group controls which combinations of symbols are displayed in the Gantt Chart Graphical area.

Edit Data:

To edit the data in the Gantt, double-click on the work order in the left of the screen. A form will appear that allows the user to edit values which updates the Gantt display.

Edit Time scale:

When the Gantt is opened, the time scale of the Graph is automatically adjusted to include all selected events/work orders. The time scale of the Gantt can manually be changed in two ways: By Left-clicking on the time scale heading and dragging left to zoom out or dragging right to zoom in. By Right-Clicking on the time scale heading and selecting Edit Time Scale, the user can then enter the start and end dates of the area he wants to display, and also change the resolution of the time scale.

Show World View:

When a specific area of the Gantt needs to viewed in a Globally zoomed fashion, the world view is very useful. To enable it, Right-click in the Gantt Graphical Area and select Show World View. Use the red frame in the Worlds View to resize the detail of the Gantt on the Screen. The World View is very useful when formatting the Gantt for Printing.

Printing the Gantt:

To print a Gantt, right-click in the Gantt Graphical Area and select “Print Preview”. This allows the user to ensure the format of the printout before printing, using the standard Windows printing dialogues.

Saving a copy of the Gantt:

The Gantt chart can be saved in several graphical formats, but the ability of others to view the graph will be limited to the graphical applications installed on their workstations. To save the Gantt as a picture, right-click in the Gantt Graphical Area and select Export Graphics. Select the applicable graphics format and path where the file will be placed.