Strategic Asset Management > Common > Strategic Assets > Specific Register > Create

The create button group on the action pane of specific register has the following actions:

·  Contracts:: Create a new contract (rental or lease) for selected specific.

·  SLA Contracts:: Create a new SLA contract for selected specific.

·  Maintenance: Create a new maintenance work order for selected specific.

·  Failure: Create a new failure for selected specific.

·  Operations:: Create a new operations work order for selected specific.

·  Incident: Create a new incident for selected specific.

·  Specific Warranty: Create a new warranty specific for selected specific.

·  Warranty Claim: For the selected specific the system will check if a warranty/warranties has been registered against the specific, if TRUE, a warranty claim will automatically be created. If more than one warranty has been registered, the user has to choose a warranty to that will be used to create the warranty claim.