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Use this form to create and maintain the list of warehouse locations that will be used in the system. Warehouse locations can be defined as a geographical location or a particular function which can be stores or warehouses that supply the organisations with stock/spares.

This form will only be used if the ERP integration is OFF.

Tasks that use this form

Create/delete warehouses locations

Navigating the form

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form:


Control name



Create a new warehouse location record.


Delete a warehouse location record.

Fast Tabs



Warehouse location

Physical dimension information and other general information of the warehouse location.


Group Placement location information within the warehouse.


If a area is blocked specify the input and output block.


Additional sorting field values.


Field name

Field description

Warehouse Code

Define a warehouse code for a specific warehouse.


This field defines the location in the warehouse.


Define the detail of the aisle in a warehouse.


This field defines the rack in an aisle of a warehouse.


Defines which shelf in a rack in the warehouse.


Enter the warehouse coordinates for rack, shelf and bin.

Max. Pallets

Specify the maximum number of pallets possible on the location.


Enter the height values of the location.


Enter the width values of the location.


Enter the depth value of the location.


Enter the volume value of the location.

Absolute Height

Defines the height above the ground level.

Pallet type group

Select the name for group of pallet types, for example: default pallets, large pallets or picking cages.

Manual Update

Tick this field if location name is manually updated. If this indicator is selected it allows for the create and selection of the destination location.

Sort Code

Tick this field if the sort code is manually updated.

Check text

Check text for location.

Destination location

Defines the destination location. This is to define the inbound and outbound within the warehouse.

Input area

Select the groups of locations in the inventory.


Description of the input store area.

Picking area

Defines the picking area identification in the location system.


Description of picking store area.

Input blocked

Reason or cause why a location has been blocked.

Out blocked

Reason or cause why a location has been blocked.

Sort field1

Define additional sort order of locations.

Sort field2

Define additional sort order of locations.

Sort field3

Define additional sort order of locations.