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Use this form to create and maintain the base unit of measures. This form (and associated tables) is part of the interface between360° Strategic Asset Management and your ERP system. If you have an ERP and electronic interface in place this form and associated tables will be populated from the ERP. In the latter instance the ERP will be the master of the bespoke information and the form will only be for viewing purposes. In this instance the user will be allowed to add certain user specific information.

Each UOM will be classified according to different types of classification, such as meters, calendar, quantity, which will then further impact the type of data to be displayed. Unit of Measure (UOM) Codes are used in different business processes to ensure that monitory values which are used throughout, are identified accordingly. The UOM form is where the monitory values will be set up for all the different measurements used in the business processes though this exclude currency codes, which have a separate maintenance form. Unit of Measure codes are used to define the measurement in which an object will be managed with respect to meter, usage, condition and calendar management.


Unit of Measure codes are used in most of the Business Processes to define the monitory values recorded. These codes are Corporate Data that will be set-up initially and used regularly throughout the system.

When ERP integration is ON and there are no values in the UOM table available, it means that on the base SETUP values, under integration the synchronise function was not activated.

Tasks that use this form

Create/delete the base unit of measures

Navigating the form

To create a new record press CTRL+N or the new button. The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form:

Fields for filtering options



Unit of measure

Select the Unit of Measure from drop down list to be used for filtering and tick the box to use option.

The default selection will be the types mostly used.


Field name

Field description


Define the type of UOM by selecting from available list of types.

UOM Code

This field is a user definable code uniquely identifying the UOM. For example the UOM = Meters can have UOM codes of FHRS = Flying hours or KM = kilometres and UOM = Calendar can have UOM codes of Days = Calendar days, Hours = Calendar hours, etc.

UOM description

Short description of the unit of measure.

Schedule UOM

Defines the schedule description of the unit of measure.

Area Classification

This field defines the unit of measure area classification.

Record Status

Shows the current status of the record. The status can be changed with the Change Status function.