Strategic Asset Management > Setup > Incident > Safety Plans

Use this form to create and maintain the Safety Plan definitions that are relevant to measuring your Incident Management Process.

Tasks that use this form

Create/delete the Safety plans

Create/delete the Safety Plan KPIs

Navigating the form

To create a new record press CTRL+N or the new button. The following tabels provide descriptions for the controls in this form:


Control name



Create a new Safety plan record.


Delete a Safety Plan record.

Safety plan KPIs

Maintain and view the Safety Plan KPIs

Record status

Shows the current status of the record. The status of the record can be changed with the Record Status function.




Planning code

This field defines the Planning code and is an user definable identifying code.


This is a short but detailed description for the safety plan.

Status action

This field defines the safety plan status action and is pre-defined in the status set up.

Valid from date

Field is used to specify the date from which the safety plan is valid.

Valid until date

Field is used to specify the date to which the safety plan is valid.