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Use this form to create and maintain all the different characteristics. Characteristics are defined for different incident categories, classes and types, and then used to give more definition to a specific instance of the incident type. This form is therefore used to allocate generic characteristics to an incident category and type.


(For example: Environment is an incident category, anomaly can be defined as a class, and spill the incident type as characteristics.)

Tasks that use this form

Create/delete the incident characteristics

Navigating the form

To create a new record press CTRL+N or the new button. The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form:

Fast Tabs




View or add general classification of the incident.


View and selecting of different indicators for a characteristic.


View or add base on the characteristic class that was selected the variables for the selected class.






Select a characteristic group to define a specific group for the characteristics.

Characteristic code

Select a characteristic from the list of available values from the pre-defined drop down list in base characteristics. The field is used to identify the characteristic. The characteristic type, object type and code uniquely identify the characteristic.


The description of the Characteristic.


Incident category

This field defines the incident category and must be selected from the predefined values as supplied by the drop down list. The category indicates the area of incident and the following available values are: Environment, Safety, Health, Security, Risk.

Incident class

Field is used to specify the incident class. Select one of the available values from the drop down. The selected value determines the behaviour of the field. The class indicates the severity of the incident.


This field defines the type of incident that occurred. Select from the predefined list of types the correct incident type.

Record status

Shows the current status of the record. The status can be changed with the Change Status function.


Print indicator

If selected this field will be printed when the characteristics are part of a report. On the operational data this characteristic will only be printed if it has been set.

Specific indicator

If selected, this characteristic will be associated with each specific object of the selected type and thus be available for data capturing. If not selected, the characteristic is defined for an object only. If this has been set it will be defaulted to the specific execution or incident.

Mandatory indicator

If true, feedback is mandatory for this characteristic.

History indicator

If selected, history information will be kept of all characteristics changes for this object.



This field is the type of unit of measure (UOM), select from the available drop down list. Available values are METER, CALENDAR, and QUANTITY.

UOM code

A definable code uniquely identifying the UOM, for example UOM=QTY: km, ea. or lit.

Currency code

If the characteristic class is specified currency, then only will this field be populated. This field uniquely identifying UOM value that will be stored, for example: Rand, US Dollar or Euro.

Default date

This field is the default date value, and is ONLY editable if the characteristic class is date.

Default indicator

This is the default value if the characteristic is of type Indicator. Default indicator is mandatory if the specific indicator has NOT been set and the mandatory indicator HAS been set.

Default text

This field is the default text/detail, and is NOT editable if the characteristic class is date, numeric or currency.

Default numeric

The default value is mandatory if the specific indicator has NOT been set and the mandatory indicator HAS been set.

Lower limit

Define the value of the lower limit of this characteristic.

Upper limit

Define the value of the upper limit of this characteristic.

Default colour

If the characteristic class is of the value colour, the default colour can be changed to a new colour by selecting from the drop down colour list.

Lookup value

If characteristic class is “LOOKUP” then only can this field be populated.