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Use this form to create and maintain a list of specifics for an object type of vehicles, air crafts, water crafts. This function will open a form displaying the only information of type vehicles, air crafts, water crafts and its lower level structure in a tree view format. This function is also used to update the specific structure for the vehicles, air crafts, water crafts type in accordance with the generic structure. It should only be necessary to use this function if the generic configuration structure template of the object type has been changed.

Vehicle, air craft, water crafts: Tangible properties (asset) which include things such as vehicles, trucks, air craft, water craft, etc. which is used in the operations of a business. Use this form to create and maintain the transport assets. Examples of transport assets include any type of vehicle, truck, passenger airplane, helicopter, ships, etc. Maintaining the Transport register enables the organisation to manage its inventory across the entire asset. This implies that control is gained over the inventory items between measuring points in a particular path, expressed in quantitative and/or financial terms.

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