Introduction about Maintenance Register: The Maintenance planning process consists of several functions. The process entails the creation or request for a task to be executed, the planning thereof, the allocation and execution of the task and the feedback of all relevant data. Maintenance Work Orders can originate from two sources:

  • Adhoc: An Adhoc Work Order refers to a work order that is created as a result of an unforeseen maintenance task having to be performed. In spite of the initiation of the work being Adhoc (not foreseen), it does not mean that the work has not been pre-planned - Event templates can have been created for the work.
  • Planned: Equipment manufacturers prescribe maintenance events to prevent incipient failures before they occur or before they develop into major failure. These Work Orders will all be transferred from the Forecast Maintenance Schedule.

These forms allow you to manage Work-in-Progress (WIP). All uncompleted tasks in WIP are visible and color coded according to status of the task (based on your choice of color codes – see Status Codes). Resources can be maintained – added or deleted, quantities changed, and specific resource allocation can be done. Work orders can be released for work completion and detail data capture of feedback for each Work order and task is available. Not all object types can be linked to the maintenance work order, therefore if you select the specific, and cannot see all the specifics that were created it means that certain specifics are not available on maintenance work orders, for example personnel, organisation and location.

Maintenance Management Processes

Maintenance management functionalities

The following is a graphical view of the functionalities for maintenance management.


Maintenance management business process

The following is a graphical view of the functionalities for business process of maintenance management.


Maintenance Register Features

Maintenance Register has the following main features:


This maintenance register list view is a display of all the work orders in their different execution statuses.

Maintenance work orders can be created from various sources. These include:

  • From a previously recorded Failure
  • From a previously recorded Incident
  • Directly from the Specific register
  • Directly as an Execution order
  • From Forecast Events
  • A combination of above scenario’s



Maintenance Register

Create a new maintenance work pack/work order record with the create wizard

Execution Specific

Enter and view information about the specific work order line for the execution record selected

Resource lines

The purpose of this form is to allow you to do feedback on the actual resource usage for the selected work order. Feedback is the mechanism by which you tell what actually occurred during the progress of the work order. During actual execution of work, variances will occur between the budgeted items and what actually gets consumed.


Define the execution characteristics, execution actions, permit, ageing, exchange and additional information on a execution specific line.


Create new Contract, Maintenance, Failure or Incident record from the execution specific line.


Enquiries of all Budget vs Actual calculations; Inventory and Financial transactions and job card reports.

Meter Feedback

The main purpose of this function is to provide feedback on events in progress. Feedback can be done on all resources linked to an event.


Changing of execution specific status and the record status.