The daily function of any organisation requires quality management and should be an integral part of the management of the organisation. Incidents and Accidents forms part of the quality aspects of an organisation and should be managed in an on-going basis. Incidents and accidents can be identified and recorded through the execution of business processes within an organisation.

The matter of urgency applied to the investigation and finalisation of a recorded incident or accident depends on the type and classification thereof. Corrective action needs to be taken, as soon as possible, after the investigation of an incident or accident to ensure that it has the minimum impact on the operations of an organisation. An incident or accident can be very negative for the day to day functioning of a company and can have an impact on future business and the productivity of the personnel.

Incidents Register Features

Incidents Register has the following main features that integrates with Dynamics AX.


This Incidents list view is a display of all the registered incidents. Incidents can be created from various sources. These include:

  • From Maintenance execution Order
  • From Operation execution Order
  • From a Failure
  • From the Specific Structure



Incidents (New)

Create a new incident record with the create form.


This tab displays the participants registered against the selected incident record.


Use this button to define characteristics, incident actions, detail, team, cause, resolution and related images for Incidents, and on the Participant the set up of ageing, impact and load of related images.


Create new Maintenance/Operation Execution record from the participant.

Status History

This function is used to view the status history of the Incidents.


The function is used to change current status of the Incident and the Record Status.